Making Mommies Better

2 Mar 2015 by Chenine, No Comments »

I knew I wanted to be a TV host when I was fourteen years old. As time passed, I began to feel that maybe the opportunity had passed by… Until I learned that TV hosting is viable as along as you are relatable! I started Domestic Diva Lifestyle to intentionally document my journey from becoming a young married woman, to a woman that is an amazing wife, a new clueless mommy to a wonderful mommy, and from a first time business owner to a seasoned business owner.

When I became pregnant with Adan, I was working full time with Shandy Media’s Stereotude, PLUS producing and hosting in my own lifestyle show “Smart Living With Chenine”. Unfortunately, the time constraints did not allow me to document the journey of my pregnancy, birth, and new mommy woes as I had envisioned.

However, every day presents a new opportunity. Now that my son is a year-and-a-half and my home based business is my primary source of income, I am so happy to be back in the space to create, inspire and grow with women out there that wish to develop all aspects in their life and become balanced.

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