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Well… I never really left,  I kept a foot in. Haha! Bringing a child into this world changes things just a wee bit. My son, Adan Diego is almost two years old now and is an absolute joy. I am meant to be mommy. I enjoy being fully engaged during these precious years. I decided to lean towards freelance work from his birth until he turns two (around the corner). Flexibility was key, especially when he was a baby. But, that didn’t stop me from getting my family on camera during his infancy. Mama took a chance and auditioned for a commercial for a “large financial institution”. The result- oh just that we landed a network national commercial for American Express! What a surreal experience! The commercial, based on our life,  was totally unscripted and shot in our home and neighborhood. What a privilege to have our life’s story chosen for the AMEX “Serve” campaign. Shortly after, I landed another commercial, for PopSugar’s ShopStyle website! I loved representing a young mom shopping for the first time since getting her pre-baby body back.

I enjoy doing commercials, but I am MOST excited to get back to TV hosting!

Here is an abridged timeline of highlights for the past few years. Check out all of my work and training here, but I thought I’d give you some Cliff notes.


Realizing that I represent an untapped brand, I launched my blog “Domestic Diva Lifestyle“.  The purpose was to be a best friend and voice for a largely ignored demographic. Young women that are finishing their education, buying homes, getting married, stepping into their career, and starting a family.  I knew I wanted to grow into the brand, and learn how to be “domestic” (aka learn how to cook and keep a house clean) along the way.  The blog became popular very quickly, and caught ABC’s attention. I interviewed to be a panelist for an upcoming show, but the program didn’t get the green light. I kept plugging away. I stepped away from my blog when I started a full-time TV hosting career.





I was hired on full time at Shandy Media (formerly known as REV New Media) as their music news host, for Stereotude. I wrote and produced seven to ten short segments on daily music news updates. The videos were featured on various platforms, such as AOL, Huffington Post, Grab Networks, Starpulse, and more!

I became a red carpet reporter for “Hollyscoop”.

I was chosen by “People Magazine” for their search for real beauty across the United States. You know, the issue with BEYONCE on the cover for most beautiful woman in the world. Apparently, I was the most beautiful 31 year old in America, well at least from their submissions. I am still flattered!!

I landed my own lifestyle show “Smart Living With Chenine”, on FilAM TV.  I produced and was host to my own thirty minute talk show. I don’t claim to be an expert on everything, so I bring in experts to teach me as I learn with the audience. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to resuming our shoots one day, we are currently in contract negotiations.




I became the editor, brand manager and content creator of the Stereotude’s print and video division.

In addition to red carpet reporting, I started to frequently cover movie junkets with both one-on-ones and roundtable discussions.

I became a mother to a healthy beautiful baby boy, Adan Diego Lozano. He is life’s greatest gift!

Launched a successful home based business. I always desired to add value to others through my work, but being an entrepreneur and reading several personal development books really equipped me to parlay what I know into both business and TV.

I appeared as a frequent panelist for “Hollyscoop”.



The Lozano Family landed their first network national commercial, for American Express “Serve”.

Landed a PopSugar commercial.

“Hair Jacked” contestant. Watch to see if I won!

Appeared as an entertainment reporter on DirecTV’s Back9 Network for movie reviews.

Host for “Music Waves” for Pacific Rim Video.

Red carpet reporter for Pacific Rim Video.

I didn’t work or audition the last quarter of the year due to being very ill. I am so happy that I have my health back!



Decided it is time to jump in with two feet and update my materials and GO!

Two days after signing up on a casting website for the first time, I landed a commercial!

Starred as principal for a commercial for Knott’s Berry Farm.

Updated my hosting website! Much to my (pleasant surprise), this site received 15,000 organic hits over the past year. It may not sound like a high number, but I’m happy with the organic traffic. I never promoted this site before. So keep lookin’ me up baby! I am so excited for what lies ahead!


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