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I have this beautiful propane BBQ. It didn’t get love from me.  I would leave it up to the men to do the grilling and BBQing.  I decided that I should take matters into my own hands this football season…I need to learn the grill! Why? The fridge is stocked with grilling items during the weekend. I would go hungry if I waited for a man to peel himself from the TV and grill my veggies and soy meat for me (yes I’m a vegetarian, actually pescatarian, which means I eat fish …but who cares?). Also, I think it is pretty hot to see a woman on the grill. Right?

Here are some tips when getting to know your propane grill:

Make sure the propane tank actually has propane in it. If not, liquor stores and drug stores will have these tanks. Be sure to bring your empty tank with you. If you

BBQ Utensils

don’t bring the empty tank, you will pay for the propane plus the tank. If you bring it, you just pay for the propane and recycle your tank.

Before you use the grill, make sure you have all thenecessary utensils to make your grilling experience nice and easy. Also, make sure that you have a grill cleaning brush handy. You don’t want to leave any residue behind.

Look at the manual and get to know each setting and the symbol for the setting.  Some settings are specific for beef and poultry.

It is a good idea to have a meat thermometer handy. This will tell you when your meat is done. It is best to put it in at an

Meat Thermometer

angle. This ensures that you do not lose the juice and marinate that you worked hard to keep in. I like the one pictured because it tells you what the temperature should be for each type of meat.

Clean the grill when you are done. If it has a “self-cleaning” setting, it means that the grill gets extremely hot. Once you put your grill on this setting, close the hood and let the heat burn off the residue. After having the hood closed for about five minutes, open it up again. It may say self clean, but you still have to get use your grill cleaning brush to scrub away the food deposits while it is very hot.

Last but not least, shut the propane value OFF.  Righty tighty! If you forget to turn it off, all of the propane that you just paid for will be gone the next time you go to use it. It is important to remember this step. Also, if you have a grill cover, be sure to cover that bad boy (or girl if your grill is a girl).

This is a little off topic but make sure your meat is well marinated. I would say a full 24 hours or even more. Use a dry rub if you are short on time.

Learning how to cook on the grill is another webisode, but until then, these are the fundamentals

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